About Us

Since 1970, Rener has been a vibrant, community based clinic, a sanctuary for people seeking natural solutions for their health concerns. A clinic where practitioners offer you the best in personalised healthcare in a relaxed, caring and friendly atmosphere.

In January 2017, Lisa Rieniets, with a passion and a commitment to continue the legacy of the previous centre has brought together a collective of professional therapists with similar ideals…. to inspire, educate and assist you to realise optimum health and vitality.

The friendly and supportive customer service team is here to assist you with all your requests and queries. We boast one of the largest Natural Medicine and Herbal dispensaries in Perth

All of our Practitioners hold professional qualifications that are recognised Australia-wide by regulatory authorities, and selected private health funds.

What We Do

  • We listen.
  • We share our skills, experience and knowledge.
  • We work with you
  • We inspire you to make choices that nurture health and healing.

The Way We Work

Ultimately, what we do is assist a person to reach their health potential. We achieve this by addressing the natural energy functions of the human body as they differentiate into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual manifestations. Genuine healing is a unified activity of harmonising all aspects of being.

We don’t treat symptoms. Our role is to identify ‘patterns of disharmony’ within you the individual. This means assessing physical function and then determining what overall deficiencies and ‘energy blockages’ have developed. We then use those identified patterns of disharmony as a guide in selecting appropriate therapies and remedies that promote health and healing.

The wide range of therapies and remedies available are based on an understanding that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being; diet and exercise; environment and social conditions are all essential factors of health.

Our Network

Our approach to health is integrative. To enhance our clients' health potential, we belong to a larger network that collectively provides holistic health care, including:
Medical Practitioner
Holistic Counsellor
Remedial Massage
Yoga Studios
Community Resources
Learning Resources