About Us

Welcome to Rener Health, a vibrant, community based space, a sanctuary for people seeking natural solutions for their health concerns. A clinic where practitioners offer you the best in personalised healthcare, in a relaxed, caring and friendly atmosphere. 

With guidance, advice and support, we can help light the path for you to discover your best health. Working together to navigate your symptoms and discuss which strategies will set you up for success.

Our friendly and supportive customer service team are here to assist you with all your requests and queries. However it is you found your way here, we would love to assist you with the next bit...finding the right Practitioner for your individual case whilst answering any, or all, of the questions that may pop up along the way.

We also boast one of the largest Natural Medicine and Herbal dispensaries in Perth.

All of our Practitioners hold professional qualifications that are recognised Australia-wide by regulatory authorities, and selected private health funds.

Our Services

The Way We Work

Ultimately, what we do is assist a person to reach their health potential. We achieve this by addressing different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual manifestations of disharmony within the body. Genuine healing is a unified activity of harmonising all aspects of being.

We don’t treat symptoms. Our role is to identify ‘patterns of disharmony’ within you, the individual. This means assessing physical function and then determining what overall deficiencies and ‘energy blockages’ have developed. We then use those identified patterns of disharmony as a guide in selecting appropriate therapies and remedies that promote health and healing.

The selection of therapies and remedies available at Rener Health have been selected based on an understanding that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being; diet and exercise; environment and social conditions, are all essential factors of health.

Questions and Answers

What can I expect in my first consultation?

During a Naturopathic appointment

During your appointment your Practitioner will discuss what has brought you to the clinic and will likely ask you lots of questions.  Often a symptom can be caused by a variety of root causes – we are looking to get to the root cause of yours.

Practitioners will often take a look at your nails, tongue and eyes and measure your blood pressure and pulse rate – these body signs can be so helpful in uncovering deficiencies and guide our treatment plan.

The appointment should be completed within the hour.

Additional info may be requested

To better understand your current health positions, Practitioners may also request some blood tests or investigations by your GP, refer you to a Pathology lab for testing, or they may ask you to keep a symptom diary – it depends on your individual situation.

Treatment plan

From the consultation, you will collaborate to agree on a course of action.  This may involve changes to your diet and additions or subtractions to your daily/weekly routine. Many Practitioners are likely to recommend nutrient supplementation and perhaps will make you a liquid herbal tonic.

Follow up

The treatment plan provided will usually be for between two to four weeks, sometimes longer depending on the patient and the your individual health concerns.  From this, you will then need to complete a follow up appointment.

In a follow up appointment, you will discuss any changes, improvement, any new symptoms and your treatment plan will be adjusted accordingly. The second and subsequent appointments are usually much quicker – usually 30 minutes.  

Can I claim my treatment with private health insurance?

In Australia, most private health funds still pay a rebate for Acupuncture and Nutrition. Naturopathy is unfortunately no longer covered.  Whether you are covered or not depends on the level of cover that you have. The practitioners at Rener Health are all registered with most private health funds.

What payment methods are accepted?

Treatments are usually paid at the end of the treatment. You can pay by EFTPOS, Credit Card or cash. If you have a private health fund, we do not process HICAPS here, though we will provide you with a receipt in order for you to do so directly through your Private Health Provider.

Is there free parking at your clinic?

There is free parking behind our building or Patients are welcome to park on the empty block located a the very corner of Stock Rd and Canning Highway (on the West side of our building, next door).

If there is anything else you would like to know, please contact us via phone or email and we will be happy to give a personal reply.