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About Us

We believe energy is everything. It is the power that sustains life.

The number one requirement for health and wellbeing is vital force (chi), which means the quality and quantity of energy available to your cells.

Vital force depends on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of wellbeing, and all are equally important to the wholeness of your health.

Health is Holistic

Health is the end result of harmony and balance between all that influences a living being – including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental levels of existence. All of these factors need to be addressed in health care programs.

Health is Harmony

From a holistic perspective, studies reveal that it is not the individual parts of a person but the flow and dynamics between them that are pivotal to health outcomes. To heal means to harmonise the whole of you.

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Our Job Is To Empower

Health is not just about what you eat or how often you exercise. It is also the sum of what you habitually think and feel, what you believe, and your behaviour (actions and reactions). Every part of you either reinforces your chi (empowers) or drains your vital force (disempowers).

Ultimately, what we do is assist empowerment. We achieve this by addressing the energy functions of your mind-body-emotions-spirit. Genuine healing is a unified activity of harmonising all parts of your being.

As practitioners, we don’t treat symptoms. Our role is to identify patterns of disharmony. We look for the cause.

Analysing health symptoms means pinpointing deficiencies and energy blockages that have developed into symptoms. We then use the patterns of disharmony we identify as a guide to selecting strategies that encourage balance and flow.

Our passion is natural health

Natural: in accordance with nature, produced by nature, not artificial or sourced from synthetic chemicals.

NATURE = the forces and processes that energise life and control the phenomena of physical existence.

PHYSICAL = the material world made up of matter and energy and the interactions between the two.

ENERGISE = cause to have energy and vigour, activate, awaken.

Health: Optimal state of balance, vitality and proper functioning; free from damage, decay or disease; being well.

DISEASE = impairment of natural physical function, ill-health, sickness, virus, infection.

VITALITY = the force that enables our capacity to live, grow, develop and thrive.

BEING = being alive; living; the state or quality of having existence; something that exists in any form, whether it be material or spiritual, actual or ideal; conscious existence; the most profound and most essential part of self (the inner core of one’s being); consciousness.

WELL = healthy, thriving, in good natural health.

Natural Health is like a garden and you are the gardener