Being Better with Bowen. By Jo Blomquist

Most patients come to Bowen Therapy because of musculoskeletal problems such as a bad back, sporting injuries, frozen shoulder or sore neck, but what they come away with after experiencing this therapy is a whole lot more.

When clients first experience Bowen Technique they often comment “is that it” or “can you go harder please”, “no pain no gain” but in effect Bowen Therapy offers a light manipulation of muscles and soft tissue (fascia) and shouldn’t hurt or inflict pain.

The fascia surrounds every cell in the human body. When it becomes dehydrated and constricted (due to trauma, injury or disease) it affects electrical conductivity of the nerves to target areas, circulation of blood and lymph, and the ability of the joints and muscles to dissociate from other underlying structures causing them to be dragged along in the movement. This can lead to pain and stiffness often amplified somewhere else in the body as the body compensates for the original injury.

A first treatment may last 30-40 mins where the practitioner rolls their thumb or finger gently over muscles and connective tissue at specific points on the body. The session involves a series of moves followed by a period of rest allowing for the client’s body to process the moves and relax. The rest is fundamental as it allows for feed back and forward between the brain and body’s systems and allows for "disruption to established patterns" and for "change" to happen.

Recently, we have experienced great success in helping clients with scar work, peripheral neuropathy pain, frozen shoulder, anxiety disorders, chronic pain and migraines. The list of conditions that Bowen Therapy can help is exponential, but one thing is for sure….

“Bowen is simple, effective, gentle and without side effects” and it is suitable for everyone.

Clients often experience less pain, improvement in movement, regulation in hormonal issues and an increased sense of wellbeing and relaxation. It’s like pressing the reset button and helping systems to return to balance and a better or more efficient way of being.

Bowen Therapy helps you be a better working version of you.