Back To School: Natural Solutions To Improve Focus And Attention

By Corrin Ainley
Naturopath ND, Nutritionist, Body Talk Practitioner

Now it’s back to school many children are still struggling to focus and stay on task in class. This can impact a child’s school experience, the family home and their confidence.

As a parent it can be difficult knowing what to do, and if there’s a natural alternative to medication.

Nutritional medicine is a natural, gentle and effective method of treating children who are experiencing learning and behavioural challenges.

It’s easy to see how food directly impacts your child, but it’s harder to know how environmental toxins, heavy metals and gut health are influencing a child’s brain.

Research tell us that mood, behaviour, focus and concentration can all suffer if a child is nutrient deficient, has gut bacterial imbalances and food intolerance.

After years in practice, I’ve helped children with developmental disorders, ranging from ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder and autism, using natural and research based treatment.

What treatment can I expect?

All my assessments are based on reliable lab testing, often involving saliva, finger prick, stool or urine to assess;

·  Micronutrients
·  Gut health
·  Food intolerances
·  Heavy metals

From here I gain valuable information and identify the underlying cause so we form a treatment plan together that includes food, lifestyle and supplements that will support your child’s brain health.

I provide parents with;

·  Step by step instructions
·  Test referrals
·  Gluten free, casein free, food intolerance diet support
·  Child friendly meal suggestions and lunch box ideas
·  Support with fussy eaters and child friendly supplementation
·  Skills to build reliance, confidence and deal with emotions

How to book

Book your initial 60 minute appointment where you’ll attend without your child so we can talk through what’s happening and how natural therapy can help.

For more information and testimonials visit www.resolvenutrition.com.au

It has been very rewarding seeing children flourish at school, gain self—confidence, build friendships and have better health. It’s a true pleasure to support parents and see the positive changes it makes for the whole family.

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