"I encourage creativity, community, sharing and giving for health. Inspiring the nourishment of mind and spirit as well as the physical body. I work hard to find the best ways to a better sense of health and wellness for you, and I invite you to actively join me in that process; to ignite a fire which we can collaboratively feed together."

Billie Rogers is a passionate Naturopath and Musician who feels drawn to connect and support community and families, and inspire creativity and living culture in her quest to improving her patients overall health and wellness. We each have an intangible cultural heritage; practices, representations, expressions, knowledge and skills we are born to and from that impact who we are individually and as a community. For Billie it’s about working with you as the individual, providing you a space in which you can express yourself and learn healthier ways of being human with a focus on the nourishment of mind and spirit as well as the physical body.

Billie is dedicated to her professional health development, collaborating closely with Lisa Rieniets, a boundless resource with over 33 years’ experience in the art of healing.

As a Naturopath, Billie sees you as an individual and doesn’t operate under a one size fits many approach, rather she spends time and energy tailoring a treatment plan specifically for you. This is the essence of what it means to take a holistic approach to health care, and at the crux of the way Billie operates. Add to that her commitment to continuation of care, she will provide you the best possible chance at correcting imbalances so you can flourish both mentally and physically.

Specialty areas (The things Billie feels most passionate about…)

  • Mental wellness and burn-out prevention and/or recovery
  • Period repair and menstrual cycle education
  • Food, your relationship with it and how best to eat for your body
  • Teenage health and well being through their transition into adulthood
  • Creativity and living culture

Mental wellness and burn-out prevention and/or recovery.

It isn’t uncommon in this day and age to experience an overworked, undernourished, wired but tired, fight or flight sense of self. Over time our bodies physically begin to adapt to that level of ‘stress’ and biologically our body makes adjustments and changes that become our new norm/bench mark. How many of us think back to and hope for a time in our lives where we were physically and mentally on top of our game- wondering how we got to this point here and now, to this version of me that isn’t operating quite right or reaching my full potential?  Billie provides you an experienced outside perspective to guide you, and hold a space for you to recognise what it is you can shift and help to work through the changes required to disengage from your fight or flight mode and re-engage with our parasympathetic nervous system(rest, digest, unwind!) to reclaim your optimal sense of health, self, and wellness.

Period repair and menstrual cycle education.

It’s not uncommon for women to go through the majority of their lives with very little awareness or interest in their menstrual cycle; how it works and fluctuates, the hormones that are involved, the hormones and bodily processes that can send it haywire and the way our cycle can interplay with our lifestyle, moods, capacity for growth and motivation, energy levels, our ability to conceive and our ability to transition through to menopause. It’s often not until our cycle or menstruation becomes a problem that we listen and begin to investigate. Learning about your cycle can be a completely eye opening and empowering process and a topic that should be more frequently discussed. With Billie, together we consider your menstrual cycle as a very important aspect of your overall health and well being, as though it is the fifth vital sign and indicative of so much more that is going on under the surface. Discover, balance and embrace your super powers and never look back.

Food, your relationship with it and how best to eat for your body.

We all have different feelings when it comes to food and what we eat. Some of us are actively engaged with the process of growing, buying or cooking our food and for others it’s less of a tactile and creative process and more focused around cost effectiveness and convenience. Whatever your relationship with food, there are often simple measures you can take to ensure that what you are eating is of the most nutrient dense and energy efficient quality for your individual body. The word diet can tend to set people off on the wrong track. It’s a word that is very readily used in the health and wellness realm to label our eating habits and pigeon hole us into either the good or the bad camp. So many people have prescribed themselves a certain diet, or several different diets and cleanses over the years in order to lose weight and encourage or improve digestive health but these fad crash courses aren’t always the most sustainable or long term approach. It’s important to find measures you can adapt to, commit to and implement on a long term basis because food will be forever and always a part of our lives. Talk to Billie about what may be the best ways to adjust your relationship with food for you and your family.

Teenage health and well-being through their transition into adulthood.

Our transition into adulthood is the beginning and end of so many things and often a completely uncertain and potentially overwhelming experience. Transitional times can be the rockiest of roads, particularly if your understanding of what is happening inside your body biologically isn’t clear or something you are trying to shy away from. It’s a time in our lives that we try our best to grin and bear, fumble our way through or resist heavily in the hope it will go away or resolve itself. Often the only guidance and support that is offered isn’t personalised or brought up in a classroom where we feel completely caught unawares and resistant to discuss our concerns or queries among a room full of peers. In saying that, it is guidance, support, information and mentor-ship that can empower and encourage us through this transition, so where are we to find it in a more individual and personalised setting? Billie is very passionate about teenage health and well being as she found this a particularly rocky road along her own journey and is hopeful she can use her experience to guide and mentor others, to educate and empower teens and inform them on ways to flourish and grow throughout the process.