Blood Deficiency. Could you have this? by Mike Reid

Naturopath ND, MSc Acupuncture

In Chinese Medicine, Blood is a vital substance. It nourishes and moistens the entire body, keeping your skin looking youthful, and muscles & joints agile. Blood also nourishes the mind and is considered the material basis for all our mental faculties (Shen). It ensures good sleep, a feeling of calmness, strength and vitality, and a clear mind.

Causes of Blood Deficiency

Blood deficiency is a very common pattern that I see with my clients here at Rener Health Clinics. The causes and symptoms of Blood Deficiency can vary quite a bit as each person manifests health patterns differently. Factors including diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress all having an impact.

Taking these factors into consideration an Acupuncturist/TCM Practitioner will determine where the imbalance lies, how it has manifested and the best way to restore harmony and balance.

Common Presentations of Clients with Blood Deficiency

* Poor concentration and memory
* Easily stressed
* Depression
* Difficulty focusing
* Dizziness
* Lack of strength/vitality/energy

* Light or irregular menstruation
* Body aches
* Difficulty sleeping and/or falling asleep
* Hair and nails lacking lustre
* Dry skin/ Pale complexion
* Headaches/Migraines

These symptoms will range in intensity. You also do not need all of these symptoms in order to have some degree of Blood deficiency. The good news is you don’t have to live with these symptoms. Appointments are available to help you.

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