Calling All Mums! by Sarah Durack


As a new mum in Nov 2019 I joined all the groups. Mother’s group, Baby Sensory classes, rhyme time and the list goes on! Along the way I met lots of wonderful women. Some newbies like myself, others well-seasoned in the art of sleep deprivation and the gorgeous cuddles that make up for it!

It was interesting to hear different women’s stories. Some on their own without close support, others with all the support in the world. Some had bubs sleeping through, others up every hour. Despite many different circumstances, I realised there are a lot of mum’s out there with classic Post Natal Depletion. The tiredness post bub that comes not just from less sleep, but from the fundamental draining of nutrients during pregnancy, the recovery time post birth and for those mums breastfeeding. Post Natal Depletion doesn’t necessarily just last a few months post birth, without proper attention it can still be present years down the track.

As mums, our bodies go through the most phenomenal changes. We go from monthly cycles to pregnancy hormones to breast feeding hormones and the cycle starts again. For many women, these cycles go for many years. Our bodies are designed beautifully for these physical and accompanying emotional changes, however, in many circumstances without the proper lifestyle and nutritional support we can end up depleted, exhausted, emotional and running on empty, something I see way too often in my clinic.

With the right support, I’ve seen massive transformations in women’s health and wellness. Whilst we can’t always influence the ups and downs of what’s happening for our kids, we can ensure we’re in the very best physical and emotional health to deal with whatever is thrown our way.

If you’re a mum who would love to regain your energy and spark, let’s start today! Book an appointment to see me in clinic on Fridays or call for a chat about the different ways I may be able to help.

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