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YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM : virus infection protection. By Lisa Rieniets ND

1. understanding your immune system2. lessons from COVID-19 in 20213. how to build and maintain immunity UNDERSTANDING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM BE PREPARED NOT PANICKEDAutumn is always a good time to boost your immune system and prepare for health challenges the colder months can bring. With the COVID-19 virus still active worldwide, it’s even more essential to […]

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5 Ways You Might Upset Your Microbiome And What To Do About It

​By Metagenics Technical TeamMicrobiome 101‘Microbiome’ is a hot topic right now for anyone interested in health; but you may be wondering what exactly it is?    You’ve potentially heard about the good bacteria living within your digestive system, and may have even thought about taking a probiotic to support them. Well it’s this internal community – […]

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