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5 Ways You Might Upset Your Microbiome And What To Do About It

​By Metagenics Technical TeamMicrobiome 101‘Microbiome’ is a hot topic right now for anyone interested in health; but you may be wondering what exactly it is?    You’ve potentially heard about the good bacteria living within your digestive system, and may have even thought about taking a probiotic to support them. Well it’s this internal community – […]

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From The Inside – Out

​By Maria MinielloJin Shin Jyutsu PractitionerEnergy is constantly spiraling through all of the layers in the body. Spiraling in and down from the outside-in, and then spiraling back up and out again from the inside-out.Energy never tires but we can impact that smooth transition with our daily lifestyle choices, which will impact on our core, […]

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Body Talk Healing Technique

​Health challenges arise for a variety of reasons. Every system and every cell in the body are in constant communication with each other at all times. For many reasons these lines of communication can become compromised – leading to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being. Body Talk is a healing technique with a focus on […]

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