Emotional Well being by Genevieve Baster-Sallen

Emotional Well being Practitioner & Holistic Counsellor

Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

Why is it that the simple action of tapping your fingers on specific points on the body has over 100 scientific studies demonstrating its efficacy?  Why is it that it assists individuals with multiple issues: pain relief, overcoming negative memories, repetitive patterns, and so many other emotional and physical challenges?

The highly abbreviated answer is that tapping on the end points of specific meridians in the body has the ability to change both our biochemistry and how we store and process our emotions.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping as it is more commonly known, is an Energy Psychology modality.  Akin to needle-less acupuncture, it was developed by American Gary Craig in the mid 1990’s.

It has helped thousands of people with anxiety, stress, pain, phobias or feeling stuck. 

The focus upon healthy foods, purified water, fresh air and responsible sun exposure as key steps in creating wellness are now readily acceptable within our society.  However, addressing our emotional well being is perhaps often underplayed.

Repetitive thoughts, such as re-playing the same event or experience over and over in our minds, or ‘listening’ to the persistent diatribe of negative self talk, affects most of us in our daily lives.

Society often has an expectation that we need to simply be positive and ‘get on with life’, regardless of our past traumas, losses or persistent fears and worries.

Celebrated Harvard Psychologist Susan David  PhD speaks of how vital ‘emotional agility’ is in our world.   Our thoughts, emotions and behaviours drive everything in our lives, every aspect of how we live, and love, and parent. 

Embracing and exploring our emotional agility, i.e. the the depth and range of our emotions can create significant shifts in our well being, both emotionally and even physically. 

Emotional scars from our childhood, our deepest fears, and any unresolved traumas of our life to date all impact the quality of our own lives and may detract from our ability to partner and parent.  

Relentless optimism in the face of inner trauma isn’t beneficial, nor lasting.  Instead, approaching our history by identifying and processing out the traumas of our past using EFT can assist in dissolving repetitive cycles and negative self talk.   

This process gives us the freedom to move forward to what Oprah has coined, living our ‘best life’.   This is a kind and more complete way of addressing our emotional well being. 

EFT is suitable for all members of the family: the busy parent or the stressed exam student.  It can aid improved sleep, reduce study stress and help us move more fully into our authentic selves.

Emotions are powerful.  They are the price of admission to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

EFT in the hands of a skilled clinician can assist you in creating a more fulfilling and enjoyable life, free you from the pain of the past and unhook restrictive core limiting beliefs. 

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