From The Inside – Out by Maria Miniello

Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Energy is constantly spiraling through all of the layers in the body. Spiraling in and down from the outside-in, and then spiraling back up and out again from the inside-out.

Energy never tires but we can impact that smooth transition with our daily lifestyle choices, which will impact on our core, our centre.

Finding balance in the energetic movement in my body starts with a recognition of the imbalance, that feeling of something not quite being in its right place.

This may manifest as one side feeling heavier than the other, or tension in the back or the front. You may find that your legs are not carrying you through the day as they once did.

These are all effects from the energetic ‘stuck’ in one part of the body.

Regular Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions will bring you back to your centre so that the energetic movement in your body will once again radiate evenly throughout the body. Self-help suggestions are given for you to apply at home. These will complement the practitioner sessions received at the clinic.

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