Advanced EFT Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor, Special Interest In Allergies

Clinic Hours: 
Friday 9.30am - 1.00pm, Saturday 9.00am - 1.00pm

'Assisting clients rapidly identify and resolve emotional issues and trauma,

using proven Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine techniques

to remove the blocks to wellness, comfort and success.'

As the old saying goes, ‘Life is a Circle’, Genevieve feels it an honour to offer professional services from the Rener Health Clinics after initially arriving as a client herself over two decades ago.

Unexpressed, buried or even overly expressed emotions, whether apparent or not, have been demonstrated by scientific research to have a profound effect on our health and wellness.

If you have a problem and are seeking a solution, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has over 100 peer reviewed studies which demonstrate its profound and effective healing capacity in addressing physical and emotional issues of all kinds.

Genevieve has over 30 years extensive counselling experience with people from all walks of life. During the last decade she has certified in a number of techniques and has traveled internationally to bring the most effective and innovative modalities to valued clientele.

Addressing the inevitable emotional issues or traumas that arise during our everyday lives is just as Vital as fresh air, sunlight, water, healthy foods and exercise.

With a particular interest in the link between allergies and emotions she also conducts specialised Allergy appointments.

Everyone is capable of change and healing. However, sometimes the quiet voice within which guides our actions and thoughts is drowned out by a specific event, or the intensity and pressures of everyday life.

If you are seeking change, solution, or improvement in your life Genevieve holds a safe and compassionate space to expertly assist you in addressing emotional blocks, patterns and limitations.

Her skill sets are suited to both physical and emotional issues including phobias.

Genevieve is a Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor, workshop and retreat facilitator, author, seeker and student of life.

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