Whilst we stay out of posting about political issues we have information that we feel is in your best interest, as our customers, friends and community, that you need to be made aware of.

“Natural therapies are vital to not only the economy but to everyday Australians, with 68.9% of Australians having used at least one form of natural therapy and 69.2 million visits to natural medicine practitioners over a 12 month period. For many Australians, private healthcare is about choice. Removing the private health insurance rebate on natural therapies seriously limits the choices available to Australians to manage their personal health and may affect the preventative steps they take to keep their families healthy,” said Mr Wurf, CEO of ATMS

The Australian government made a decision in 2018 (that has yet to be enacted) to remove Naturopathy and Bowen, among 17 other natural therapies, from its list of Private Health Insurance Rebates list. Yes! This means that soon, your private health fund won't continue to offer you valuable rebates for your consultations or other forms of complementary medicine that you may access.

This decision was based on a flawed process and claims that there is ‘no evidence’ for 17 popular therapies, including Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Bowen Therapy, Pilates and Yoga.

From our professional experience and our patient community over the past 40 years, we know this not to be the case. There are countless Australian and International scientific studies proving the health benefits.

We know first hand that you value being able to claim private health fund rebates for your consultations.

To help positively educate and inform the Australian community on this matter, we trust and support the valuable work being done by Your Health Your Choice to lobby the Australian Government, to have this decision over-turned.

What can you do to help?

We understand that Federal Health Minister 'Hunt' has the opportunity to amend the Health Insurance Business Rules by 1 April 2019 to allow insurers to offer rebates – without having to go through Parliament.

You can add your support to the on-line petition quickly and simply, by clicking on the box below. Your contribution to the petition will be emailed by Your Choice Your Health to Minister Hunt, your State LNP Senators and (if applicable) your LNP Federal member on your behalf. (Politicians consider each personalised message to be worth 100 votes – so every message generated really counts.)

We hope that you appreciate being informed and feel empowered to take the opportunity to be part of a collective movement to make your choice and rights count.

Last year thousands of you flooded Health Minister Greg Hunt MP with emails via our website link, asking him to save rebates. It almost worked: a compromise was about to be made but was quashed due to the LNP leadership spill. Let’s do it again.

With the Government facing political annihilation, there is still a window for Hunt to amend the Business Rules to allow insurers to offer rebates. He can do this without going through Parliament - it's up to him and it's that simple.

Ask your family and friends to do the same to allow democracy to change this ill-conceived policy.

ANY feedback, even just a sentence, will send a strong message to Hunt and the Liberal Party of Australia and can make a very real difference.

Rener Health Clinic