How can bioresonance therapy assist to improve overall health and thus the immune system in particular? by Claudia Warner

Naturopath ND, Bio-resonance Therapist

With the colder months upon us it is particularly important to make sure we support our immune system. To do this a varied, mainly plant based and preferably organic diet is essential, and we are very lucky here with the sheer endless variety and freshness of available produce. A good, daily dose of at least 20 minutes of sunshine between 11am and 3pm is helpful to increase vitamin D levels and of course regular exercise has been shown to improve health on many levels.

However, in some cases our body is overloaded with stressors of varied origin, being toxins, allergens, emotional stressors or past, unresolved infections. You can imagine the body as an empty barrel and every time you are exposed to a stressor your barrel fills up a little more until it overflows and your regulatory mechanisms can’t cope any more, in which case you will become sick.

During bioresonance therapy specific frequency patterns from an individual, or from substances that harm or stress the organism, are picked up and then sent to the Bicom device via input electrodes. Here these frequency patterns are modulated, depending on the program selected, and sent back to the person. As this method works with an individual’s specific endogenous frequency pattern or frequency patterns of substances that stress the organism this therapy is highly individualised and customised and can help adults and children alike.

Also, as the Bicom device enables the practitioner to test for stressors. It also helps to determine deficiencies of certain vitamins or minerals which can then be substituted with good quality supplements or regulated with dietary adjustments.

In summary I would say that bioresonance therapy is a holistic way of improving overall health by increasing the body’s self- regulating mechanisms, reducing stress from various sources, balancing energies and thus strengthening the organism to fight off infections and live in harmony with the trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that make up our microbiome without which we wouldn’t be able to survive.

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