Is a Naturopath right for me? Book your complementary Discovery call with Tracee Blythe

Tracee Blythe

It starts with YOU

You’re super busy with work, or the kids (or both) and you feel like you can’t keep up with it all.

You think to yourself - maybe it’s stress, anxiety or lack of sleep.  Maybe it’s diet or maybe your hormones are a bit out of whack.  You don’t know – all you know is that you don’t feel right.

Perhaps you had some blood tests and hoped the results would give a definitive answer… and then they came back ‘fine’.  But you don’t feel fine. Even more likely you haven’t gotten around to booking that appointment yet because you feel overwhelmed and you’re just not sure where to start

This is where I step in and can help YOU

With guidance, advice and support, I help light the path for you to discover your best health.  We work together to navigate your symptoms and discuss which strategies will set you up for success.  It’s like having a health professional cheerleader in your corner.

Let’s get started with a DISCOVERY CALL

Before you go ahead and book in a consultation – I provide the opportunity for new and prospective patients to have a complementary 15 minute ‘discovery’ call. 

This is your opportunity to share your concerns and decide if you would like for us to work together on your health. 

It’s also my opportunity to listen and provide guidance and information about what to expect from working with me. 

We cover the basics

-       First appointment will take about an hour and in clinic is preferable but also available on zoom

-       Subsequent appointments can be completed by zoom or on the phone and take 20-30 minutes

-       Frequency of appointments will depend entirely on your case – often is every 2-3 weeks to begin and as you progress we meet less frequently

-       I may refer you onto to another health provider.  So if you’re not sure if I’ll be most suited to help you, let’s have a chat and I can point you in the right direction.


Ahead of your appointment, the clinic will send you a form to complete prior.  You can fill it online or print it out and bring in with you. This form just helps save time, so if you forget, it’s ok.

To start with, we will talk about what bought you to the clinic.  I will ask you lots of questions about your health history and your family health history.  Please bring any recent blood test results you have. I will look at your tongue, nails and in your eyes – these can provide body signs to help us prioritise your treatment.

We will then formulate a treatment plan.  This may include all or some of the following

-       Additional blood tests

-       Dietary changes (I can tell you now – eat more veggies!)

-       Lifestyle recommendations

-       Supplements

-       Liquid herbal medicines


We schedule your next appointment, usually 2-3 weeks from the first consultation.  This is 20-30 minutes. 

-       I review any blood results

-       You share with me your progress – what went well, what can we improve

-       We discuss any new symptoms or conditions

-       We then revise your treatment plan accordingly


If you have any questions about your prescription or treatment between consultations, please either call the clinic on (08) 9330 2922 or email me hello@traceeblythe.com.au.

I aim to respond within 2 days.  Urgent medical queries must be with your primary health practitioner.

If you have any questions, are curious to know more or just want to see if we’ll be a good fit for your health – please book in a discovery call today!

Tracee Blythe, Naturopath.

Rener Health Clinic