Margaret Lawlor

Clinical Hypnotherapist

From July 21st 2021

Clinic Hours

Wednesdays 9-4.30 pm

Saturdays 9-1.30 pm

‘Transforming your stories of darkness and ‘stuck-ness’ into flying like a Hummingbird.'

Working in the field of Health and Healing over 30yrs as a therapist, I bring with me my life experience and expertise. Living in Dublin I worked for a number of years in an Integrative Clinic where we treated the person holistically. I believe results can be remarkable when we realise a whole health approach is necessary.

Hypnosis is a gentle practice, and the profession I chose due to it’s gentle, self-loving approach. Habits are learned, behaviours are learned and in transforming your stories of darkness and ‘stuck-ness’ into flying like a Hummingbird, I will assist you in finding your radiant colours of freedom and facilitate this change in YOU.

My practice specialises in Self Compassion, Anxiety, Depression, Grief/loss/loneliness, Substance Dependency, Weigh Loss, Smoking Cessation, and any life taking habit which may be preventing you from living a creative quality of life and engaging in the best version of YOU.

I specialise in journeying with you to facilitate your deeply desired transformation of YOU.

I offer a 30-minute complementary introductory session by ZOOM, to asses if we are suited to work with each other.


Adv. Diploma in Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis

Diploma of Counselling


Australian Hypnotherapists' Association AHA