Mindfulness Belly Breathing Stress Buster by Genevieve Baster-Sallen

Emotional Well being Practitioner & Holistic Counsellor

Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

It is clear that we live in an age where externally eradicating the things that stress us simply isn’t viable. We all engage with family dynamics, traffic, jobs, finances, news, and juggling the 101 things on our to do lists. How we each individually address stress is within the realm of our inner super powers.

Yes, you have super powers, and mindfulness deep breathing is one such super power that can make a significant difference in reducing your stress levels.

When we experience stress, several things happen in the body, heart rate increases, breathing becomes faster and blood pressure increases.  Deep breathing changes our physiology, breathing slows, heart rate and blood pressure decrease - our biochemistry changes. 

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body.  It evokes a beneficial physiological change.   When we breathe deeply a message is sent to the brain to calm down and relax. 

This technique is simple, fast, doable and is available to everyone, of any age, at any time.

Sit, lie, (or even stand), place one palm on your belly and one palm on your chest. 

Now imagine pressing a pause button on your everyday life for a few moments.

Feel your feet on the ground, your back on the chair, bed or floor.  Get present with your body, be in your body.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, feel the air travelling through your nose, pull the air into your belly and notice your belly pushing your hand out. 

Hold that breath for a short moment.

Then blow out through slightly pursed lips and gently push all of the air out of your belly. 

Slowly and mindfully repeat this simple process.  Even 3 or 4 repeats will change how you feel and 10 repeats will really assist you in changing your space.  (Remember slowly and rhythmically). 

Notice how you feel after doing this simple process and remember to revisit it if you feel your stress levels rising.  Or, use it regularly as a simple act of self care throughout the day.

The 4 Week Challenge Approach: Start this process by making an agreement with yourself to do this once or X times a day for a month.  Make a realistic and gentle agreement with yourself and stick to it.  Gently lean into increasing the use of this technique so that it can become an easy ‘go to’ stress management approach.  

Children learn from their parents, they also learn from observing their parents habits and behaviours.   Taking steps to address and manage your stress shows your children that you are being proactive and that you value managing your stress. 

Engaging daily in a few rounds of ‘Mindfulness Belly Breathing’ as a family helps build emotional wellness muscles in every family member.

Its your superpower, use it well.

Be well,


Rener Health Clinic