Margaret Lawlor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rener Health Clinics in Attadale Western Australia.


Clinical Hypnotherapy Rejuvenation Retreats
“When we transform our stories of darkness and ‘stuckness’ into freedom, we heal, we find joy, we fly like hummingbirds – strong and free”



Anxiety  •  Loneliness  • Confidence  •  Depression  •  Weight loss  •  Grief and loss  •  Self-compassion  •  Ancestral clearing  •  Fears and phobias  •  Lack of confidence  •  Smoking cessation  •  Undermining habits  •  Alcohol dependency  •  Public speaking fears  •  Substance dependency.


Hypnosis is a gentle practice and the profession I chose due to its self-loving approach.

I see myself as a therapist who helps free people from fear and trauma using clinical hypnotherapy and supportive coaching.

I love creating a safe, nurturing space for releasing and healing those parts of ourselves that sabotage and undermine us.

I specialise in journeying with you to facilitate your deeply desired transformation of you.

Each time we meet, I give you a custom-designed MP3 of the session.

You listen morning and night to your MP3 to reaffirm the healing you desire to create.

It’s important for you to feel comfortable with any therapist you choose to share your innermost self. Trust is essential.

So, I offer a 30-minute free introductory session by ZOOM to see if we are suited to work with each other.


Our health and well-being depend on the wholeness of our entire being.

We cannot maintain our health if the past still affects us or if we live in a constant state of stress.

Fear and trauma undermine us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, affecting every part of our lives and our relationships.

The good news is that we can free ourselves from inner turmoil.

Working in health and healing for over 30yrs as a therapist, I offer you experience and expertise.

Living in Dublin, I worked for many years in an integrative clinic where we treated each person holistically.

I have seen remarkable results when we realise a whole health approach is necessary to live a healthy, happy life.


Margaret is registered with selected health funds.

Hypnotherapy consultations are eligible for private health insurance rebates.

Check your policy to see if you can claim a refund.



Adv. Diploma in Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis

Diploma of Counselling


Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association AHA