Associate Nutritionist Nutritional Kinesiology Practitioner
“I was looking for answers for my children’s health issues and discovered nutritional kinesiology. Soon after, I realised this stuff works! So, I began training with the NK Institute and never looked back.”



Anxiety  •  Bloating  •  Depression  •  Constipation  •  Inflammation  •  Heavy metals  •  Detoxification  •  Irritable bowel  •  Fat metabolism  •  Gut health issues  •  Food sensitivities  •  Insulin resistance  •  Low energy levels  •  Digestive problems  •  Weight loss challenges  •  Nutrient absorption issues  •  Gut microbiome imbalances  •  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies  •  Unhealthy diet and poor nutrition.


The cells in your body produce energy and use energy to keep you alive and healthy.

The one thing your cells cannot do is produce the elements they need to create energy. These elements are sourced from the food you eat, what you drink, and the oxygen you breathe.

Everything we put into our body affects the balance and flow of energy within our cells and organs.

When we have nutritional deficiencies, it impacts our ability to create optimal energy and maintain balance. Eventually, nutrient imbalances affect the functioning ability of our organs, which leads to poor health.

Signs and symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.



Nutritional Kinesiology (NK) is a diagnostic technique with origins strongly influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

NK tests muscle reflexes to determine whether a particular food or nutrient deficiency is causing stress to your body and blocking energy flows.

Using nutritional kinesiology, a practitioner can pinpoint what’s wrong, where it started, and what you need to do to restore balance.

Sarah uses nutritional kinesiology to get to the cause of health problems. She then provides nutritional advice and tailors a program matching the right foods and nutrient supplements for your unique needs.


Bachelor Health Science – Nutrition and Health Promotion.

Post Graduate Certificate – Population Health and Chronic Disease.

Nutritional Kinesiology Graduate Training Certificate.

Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) Functional Medicine Health Coach Level 1.

Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Level 1 (200 hours).

Pilates Essential Matwork and Reformer Level 1 Certificates.

Masters in Naturopathic Practice (Current – completion Dec 2024).


Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) – Associate Nutritionist.

International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT).

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association Inc (ANPA).