Essential Oil TRANQUIL


Tranquil is a harmonising oil you can use to help calm your nervous system • balance emotions • relax your body • and aid stress, anxiety, depression, inner turmoil, sadness, and grief.

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to aid health and healing.

The influence of fragrance on our brain and central nervous system is well documented.

It’s why we created Tranquil.


The lotus flower symbolises the peace and calmness that arises when we overcome inner pain and suffering.

To be tranquil is to be free from disturbance, free from agitation of mind, heart, or spirit.

Close your eyes.

Gently breathe into your lower belly.

And as you breathe out, consciously relax your muscles.

Let all troubles and tension float away.

Feel the peace. 

Breathe consciously.


Be tranquil.

Lotus flower to depict a state of being tranquil.




Calming oil • reduces anxiety and nausea • anti-inflammatory • relieves depression and other mood disorders by signalling the brain to release dopamine and serotonin • improves sleep quality • sedative.


Calming and uplifting oil • elevates mood • alleviates stress • relieves anxiety disorder symptoms • sedative • calms central nervous system • antidepressant • calms aggression • promotes quality and duration of sleep • relieves dysmenorrhea • alleviates premenstrual syndrome (PMS) • helps focus and attention.

Sweet Marjoram

Calming oil • reduces stress and anxiety • alleviates depression • releases melatonin • calms mind and body • promotes deep, peaceful sleep • sedative • calms nervous system • used to comfort distress and grief • anti-inflammatory • muscle relaxant.

Rose Geranium

Relaxing and uplifting oil • antidepressant • powerful anti-inflammatory • neuralgic pain  • peripheral neuropathy • antimicrobial • antiviral • balancing effect on hormones • calms the brain and central nervous system • calms agitation, restlessness, anxiety and chronic stress.


Mentally uplifting oil • neuroprotective • relaxes muscles • reduces fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, nervousness, agitation, irritability, and grief • anti-inflammatory • analgesic effect on central nervous system • balances emotions.


Harmonising oil • lowers cognitive and social stress • relaxation • stress recovery • calming and uplifting • sedative • relaxes muscle tension • improves sleep quality. 

Ylang Ylang

Calming oil • deep relaxation • mood balancing  • relieves stress • alleviates anxiety and nervous afflictions • antidepressant • improves sleep quality • calms anger • soothes headaches • sedative • nervine. 

Diffusing Tranquil Essential Oil


Tranquil is a beautiful blend of essential oils that can help you balance your inner state of being.

You can diffuse Tranquil essential oil to create a soothing and uplifting environment.

You can gently inhale Tranquil directly from the bottle or a diffuser to help balance and calm your nervous system.

You can add Tranquil essential oil to cold-pressed almond oil for massage therapy and reflexology.

You can add Tranquil to a relaxing magnesium bath.

You can make your own beautiful rollerball perfume oil and surround yourself with calming aromas.

Before bed, you can apply Tranquil massage oil to your chest, belly, feet, and down your spine to relax your body and promote restful sleep.


There are all kinds of essential oil diffusers. However, coldwater ultrasonic diffusion is considered safe and effective.

Ultrasonic diffusers come in different sizes, and it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

As a general rule though, you can use the following:

100ml diffuser – use 3 to 5 drops of essential oils.

150ml diffuser – use 8 to 10 drops.

500ml diffuser – requires about 15 to 20 drops.

You don’t need to diffuse essential oils all day long. They are powerful.

It’s recommended that you diffuse essential oils for one hour and turn your diffuser off for an hour. 

Also, make sure you have proper ventilation in the room.

Tranquil Essential Oil Bath Recipe


Begin your tranquil bath by turning your bathroom into a calming sanctuary.

Light some candles.

Turn on some healing music.

Grab a glass of water or relaxing herbal tea.

Fill your bath.

As the bath fills, throw in a handful of magnesium flakes to relax your muscles.

Then place a small amount (about a teaspoon) of natural liquid soap into the cupped palm of your hand. 

Lavender, rose, or sandalwood castile soap is gentle and soothing for your skin.

Add 15 drops of Tranquil essential oil to the soap and mix together with your finger. 

Next, place your soap-filled hand under the running tap water to create aromatic, cleansing bubbles.

Mixing any oils you use with liquid soap is a great way to disperse them into the bath water so that they don’t cling in clumps to your skin or the sides of your tub.

Turn the overhead lights off.

Close your eyes as you soak your muscles.

Breathe gently and deeply into your belly.

Breathe out.


Foot Reflexology Using Tranquil Massage Oil



100ml of Sweet Almond Oil.

3ml (approximately 60 drops) of Tranquil essential oil.


To create a calming massage oil, add 3ml of Tranquil essential oil to a 100ml bottle of sweet almond oil. 

 Shake the bottle well to disperse the essential oils into the almond oil.

Store in an amber glass bottle in a cool, dark place. To prolong the life of cosmetic oils, store them in the fridge.

We recommend sweet almond oil as the carrier oil because it is rich in vitamin E to nourish your skin and is an excellent source of the muscle relaxing mineral magnesium. 

Applying Tranquil Essential Oil Rollerball Perfume RecipeTRANQUIL ROLLERBALL PERFUME RECIPE

You can use Tranquil essential oil to create a natural roll-on perfume – plus you gain the added calming benefits of the ingredients.

Tranquil has beautiful floral accents that are ideal for perfume-making.


Tranquil essential oil – 20% of your perfume recipe.

Essential Therapeutics Sweet Almond Oil – 80% of your perfume recipe.

9ml black glass rollerball perfume bottle. Black glass is perfect for protecting essential oils.


Step One

Pour 7ml of sweet almond oil into your rollerball bottle. This is your carrier oil.

We chose almond oil in this recipe because of its calming qualities, but you can also use jojoba oil as your carrier.

You can also use a glass dropper to transfer the almond oil into your perfume bottle. 

How many drops you need will depend on the oil.

Not all oil drops are equal. Differences in the thickness (viscosity) of different oils will impact the amount of oil in a drop.

To make this recipe easy – if you are going to use a dropper to transfer almond oil into your perfume bottle – fill the bottle about three-quarters full. You can always top up at the end.

Step Two

Then add 20-36 drops of Tranquil essential oil to your carrier oil.

Start by adding 20 drops of essential oil.

Shake well until the ingredients are combined.

Test the scent and increase the drops until you reach an aroma level you love.

When you are making perfume oil, use no more than 20% of essential oils in your carrier oil – the maximum level recommended for safety.

There are approximately 20 drops of essential oil in 1 millilitre.

That means in a 9 ml perfume blend you’re going to need 1.8 ml (20%) of essential oil, which is equivalent to 36 drops.

Don’t forget to write down the number of essential oil drops you use so you can recreate your recipe.

How To Apply Your Perfume Oil

To relax and calm your body, you can apply this beautiful harmonising oil whenever needed.

Stressed, tense, anxious, irritable, or worried – apply to your inner wrists, inner elbows, temples, forehead, between your eyes, and to the back of your neck.

Sad or depressed – apply over your heart region.

Tense muscles – apply wherever you hold tension – including your neck, shoulders, abdomen, and leg muscles.

Insomnia – apply to your wrists, the back of your neck, behind your ears, the top and bottom of your feet, and your inner ankles. To relax your body further, massage your feet.


Do not consume essential oils. 

If you suffer from allergies, or chronic illness, you are pregnant, or you take drug-interactive medications, please check with your health practitioner before using essential oils.

Essential oils can be toxic to animals. Please check with your vet before using essential oils near your pets.

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