Boost Bone & Joint Health Recipe

Black Seed Oil Recipe for Bones, Joints & Inflammation

Our anti-inflammatory black seed oil and black sesame seed tahini recipe is designed to support your immune system, bones, brain and gut health, soothe inflammation, and as a tonic to rebuild your vitality if you have been ill or need to recharge. Lisa Rieniets ND RECIPE FOR YOUR BONES, JOINTS & INFLAMMATION 2 tablespoons of […]

Better Than Botox For Anti-ageing

Better than botox - Cosmetic Acupuncture Procedure

HEALTHIER ANTI-AGEING Women globally are realising that cosmetic acupuncture offers a healthier, more effective way to slow down the visible signs of ageing than using botox. Cosmetic acupuncture encourages collagen and elastin production, giving you firmer, more resilient skin. For the millions of people who use Botox injections to look younger, it’s worth knowing there […]