Restore Hair Damage With Collagen

Ingredients for hair mask recipe for damaged hair

A RECIPE YOUR HAIR WILL LOVE Collagen Beauty powder is wonderful for restoring damaged hair. Curling, straightening, drying, dyeing, and chemicals in hair products can cause havoc to your scalp and hair condition. The good news is you can restore damaged hair naturally with our moisturising collagen hair mask treatment recipe. INGREDIENTS YOU’LL NEED This […]

Better than botox for anti-ageing

botox anti-ageing

Better than botox for anti-ageing While age-related skin changes are inevitable, lifestyle choices and good skincare can help you minimise the visible signs of ageing. Staying well-hydrated, limiting sun exposure, sleeping well, reducing stress, eating a balanced diet full of antioxidants and healthy oils are all beneficial in keeping our skin youthful and healthy.   […]