Are Your Cosmetics Harming You? Lisa Rieniets ND

Young girl playing with her mothers cosmetics to depict harm we may inflict on our skin from a young age.

TOXIC BEAUTY It has been said that one of the most toxic relationships we can experience is with our cosmetics. Every time we clean, groom, and beautify our bodies, we can unknowingly expose ourselves to thousands of harmful chemicals. Synthetic (man-made) chemicals have been positively linked to cancers, hormonal disruption (endocrine disruptors), headaches, allergies, obesity, […]

Better Than Botox For Anti-ageing

Better than botox - Cosmetic Acupuncture Procedure

HEALTHIER ANTI-AGEING Women globally are realising that cosmetic acupuncture offers a healthier, more effective way to slow down the visible signs of ageing than using botox. Cosmetic acupuncture encourages collagen and elastin production, giving you firmer, more resilient skin. For the millions of people who use Botox injections to look younger, it’s worth knowing there […]

Sunscreen – Don’t Be Fooled By Branding

Mother applying sunscreen on toddler and being vigilant about avoiding synthetic chemical ingredients in sunscreen products.

There are some sunscreen ingredients I will not put on my body. And just when you think you’ve found the perfect sunscreen, you discover you bought a false image. I’d love to share my story with you so that it doesn’t happen to you. WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES I’ve been a naturopath for decades, […]

Safer Sunscreens

Image of toddler with large hat and wearing safer physical sunscreen free from synthetic chemical ingredients.

We went looking for safer sunscreens for our clients, to guard their skin against harmful UV rays and protect their health. Here’s what we found. TWO TYPES OF SUNSCREEN There are two types of sunscreens chemical and physical (mineral), and they work in different ways. Physical sunscreens contain the minerals zinc and titanium oxide. These […]

Restore Hair Damage With Collagen

Ingredients for hair mask recipe for damaged hair

A RECIPE YOUR HAIR WILL LOVE Collagen Beauty powder is wonderful for restoring damaged hair. Curling, straightening, drying, dyeing, and chemicals in hair products can cause havoc to your scalp and hair condition. The good news is you can restore damaged hair naturally with our collagen hair mask treatment recipe. INGREDIENTS YOU’LL NEED This hair […]