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Better than Botox for Anti-Ageing

About Mike ReidNaturopath ND, MSc AcupunctureWhile age-related skin changes are inevitable, lifestyle choices and good skincare canhelp you minimise the visible signs of ageing. Staying well-hydrated, limiting sun exposure, sleeping well, reducing stress, eating a balanced diet full of antioxidants and healthy oils are all beneficial in keeping our skin youthful and healthy.Oh, and be sure […]

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Anti-aging food your skin loves

Mike ReidNaturopath ND, MSc AcupunctureThinning dry skin, wrinkles, age spots, sagging, benign growths – how your skin ages will depend on your health, lifestyle, sun exposure, heredity factors, and personal habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.Can you do anything about it? Yes, you can.AGEING & COLLAGENCollagen is a protein in your body that gives […]

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