Lisa Rieniets is a Naturopath, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, and Principal of Rener Health Clinics in Attadale, Western Australia.


Naturopath Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner Principal, Rener Health Clinics
“Health is a gift you give yourself that allows you to fully participate in life and give to others from the abundance of your own wellbeing.”

I’ve been consulting as a naturopath since 1985, and I’ve always loved health and healing. It’s my reason for being.

I’ve come to an age where I’m looking at my life’s footprint and what’s important.

My goal now is to leave behind a legacy that began in 1970 when our family opened Rener Health Centres, a naturopathic clinic in Western Australia.

We’ve spent decades working with families and co-creating holistic solutions for improving health.

My next chapter in life is writing and sharing what I know. I want to inspire people everywhere to create their highest health potential.


Since the beginning of Rener, our motto has always been prevention is the best cure.

Your health is not just a matter of not being sick today. Some ailments take years of self-neglect before they develop into symptoms.

The good news is your body is designed to be healthy, and I want to show you how.


I’m dedicating the next chapter of my life to writing e-books and health programs you can use to restore, protect and maintain your health.

I’ll be sharing everything I’ve come to learn about what it takes to be healthy and the skills I teach my clients.

At the very core of health, you find that it’s all about energy. Everything we eat, drink, breathe, absorb, think, believe, perceive, feel, decide, say, do, and experience influences how energy is created, absorbed, used, and flows. The state of our health is an indicator of this process.

As a naturopath, my job is to identify what’s going on and why so that my clients can heal and maintain an optimal state of energy and well-being.

Energy is everything, and I look forward to sharing my understanding with you.

Much Love,

Lisa Rieniets