Restore Hair Damage With Collagen

Ingredients for hair mask recipe for damaged hair

A RECIPE YOUR HAIR WILL LOVE Collagen Beauty powder is wonderful for restoring damaged hair. Curling, straightening, drying, dyeing, and chemicals in hair products can cause havoc to your scalp and hair condition. The good news is you can restore damaged hair naturally with our moisturising collagen hair mask treatment recipe. INGREDIENTS YOU’LL NEED This […]

Purple Gut Power Porridge

Purple gut Power Porridge Recipe

gut health, blood sugar, cholesterol, fat burning & immune Purple Gut Power Porridge is designed to promote gut health, reduce inflammation, support your immune system, and improve energy, fat and sugar metabolism. Lisa Rieniets ND.  The ingredients 1/3 metric cup of organic oat bran. 2/3 metric cup of Bonsoy soy milk. You can also use […]

Reboot with Black Seeds

Black seeds recipe

immune system, bone, brain & gut health, inflammation & recovery Our black seeds oil recipe is designed to support your immune system, bones, brain and gut health, to soothe inflammation, and as a tonic to rebuild your vitality if you have been ill or need to recharge. Lisa Rieniets ND The Ingredients 2 tablespoons of […]