NOURISH Prebiotic Breakfast Drink Powder

Nourish is a prebiotic drink blend designed to boost gut nutrition and promote beneficial gut bacteria.

PREBIOTIC NUTRITION Nourish is a breakfast drink powder we created to encourage multiple prebiotic effects. Prebiotics are foods and nutrients that feed and promote the growth and activity of beneficial microorganisms (microflora) that live in your gut (your microbiome). A healthy gut microbiome means a healthier you. There is not one cell in your body […]

Healthy Eating Directory

Example healthy eating dinner

IS YOUR DIET HEALTHY? Healthy eating is essential for vibrant health. Our Healthy Eating Directory can help you transform your diet in delicious ways. If you enjoy cooking, we introduce you to chefs that make plant-based eating a flavour-filled adventure. We share healthier takeaway food options for home and work. And we’ve also included educational […]

Soothe Inflammation Recipe

Lemon water with aloe vera recipe for healing inflammation.

If you experience persistent or recurring pain, there is chronic (ongoing) inflammation happening in your body. Other symptoms of chronic inflammation include poor immune function and frequent infections • constant tiredness, muscle weakness and lack of energy • gut issues, insulin resistance, excessive mucus • mood and sleep disorders • allergies • asthma • skin […]

Boost Porridge Recipe

Boost Porridge a combination of oat bran, linseeds and walnuts to support gut, heart, brain and immune health.

BOOST YOUR HEALTH WITH PORRIDGE Boost porridge is a nutrient-dense, prebiotic recipe designed to support immune resilience, gut, brain, and heart health, and stabilise your blood sugar levels. We’ve combined linseeds, walnuts, and oat bran to promote healthy gut bacteria and give you a good boost of omega-3 fatty acids too. We created Boost porridge […]

Recovery Recipes – coughs, colds, virus, & flu

Recovery Recipes full of herbs and spice help heal coughs, colds, virus, & flu

Our recovery recipes offer you traditional home remedies for alleviating and shortening the duration of cold, flu, and virus symptoms. You can also download a hard copy of our recipes here by clicking on the link. SOOTHING YOUR SYMPTOMS There’s nothing quite as soothing as a warm cup of herbal tea to help alleviate the symptoms […]

Boost Bone & Joint Health Recipe

Black Seed Oil Recipe for Bones, Joints & Inflammation

Our anti-inflammatory black seed oil and black sesame seed tahini recipe is designed to support your immune system, bones, brain and gut health, soothe inflammation, and as a tonic to rebuild your vitality if you have been ill or need to recharge. Lisa Rieniets ND RECIPE FOR YOUR BONES, JOINTS & INFLAMMATION 2 tablespoons of […]

Gut Health Boosting Smoothie Recipe

Recipe image gut health smoothie

WHY YOU NEED A HEALTHY GUT Our gut health smoothie recipe is designed to nourish and promote the growth of friendly microorganisms in your gut that protect your health. Your intestinal microflora (microbiome, microbiota) are the beneficial microorganisms that play an essential role in maintaining your metabolism and immune system. Imbalances in your microbiome are […]

Healthy Gut Oat Bran Porridge

Healthy Gut Oat Bran Porridge Ingredients

Our healthy gut oat bran porridge recipe is designed to promote better gut health, reduce inflammation, support your immune system, and improve energy, fat and sugar metabolism. It’s full of purple berries and it’s delicious. Lisa Rieniets ND.  HEALTHY GUT RECIPE 1/3 metric cup of organic oat bran. 2/3 metric cup of Bonsoy soy milk. You […]

Immune Boosting Orange Puree Recipe

Orange slices used in orange puree recipe

WHY EAT ORANGE PUREE? We created a slow-cooked orange puree recipe (using the peels) to help you boost and protect your metabolism and immune system. It’s a prevention is always the best cure type of recipe you can eat daily.  Orange peel nutrients are widely studied for their potential to prevent disease and virus infection, promote […]

Healthy Cacao Drink Recipes

Hot chocolate drink made from cacao, cinnamon, and orange puree

RAW CACAO IS BETTER The ingredients in our raw cacao drink recipes are rich in health-boosting benefits. In its raw state, cacao contains nearly four times the antioxidant content of processed chocolate. Nutritious and delicious – you and your body will love these recipes! HOT CHOC-ORANGE BOOSTER INGREDIENTS (per person) 250ml of Bonsoi soy milk […]