Your Body is Designed To Be Healthy

Your Body Is Designed To Be Healthy

“Health is a gift you give yourself that allows you to fully participate in life and give to others from the abundance of your own wellbeing.” LISA RIENIETS ND I’ve been consulting as a naturopath since 1985, and I’ve always loved health and healing. It’s my reason for being. I’ve come to an age where I’m […]

Boost Bone & Joint Health Recipe

Black Seed Oil Recipe for Bones, Joints & Inflammation

Our anti-inflammatory black seed oil and black sesame seed tahini recipe is designed to support your immune system, bones, brain and gut health, soothe inflammation, and as a tonic to rebuild your vitality if you have been ill or need to recharge. Lisa Rieniets ND RECIPE FOR YOUR BONES, JOINTS & INFLAMMATION 2 tablespoons of […]

Sunscreen – Don’t Be Fooled By Branding

Mother applying sunscreen on toddler and being vigilant about avoiding synthetic chemical ingredients in sunscreen products.

There are some sunscreen ingredients I will not put on my body. And just when you think you’ve found the perfect sunscreen, you discover you bought a false image. I’d love to share my story with you so that it doesn’t happen to you. WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES I’ve been a naturopath for decades, […]

Safer Sunscreens

Image of toddler with large hat and wearing safer physical sunscreen free from synthetic chemical ingredients.

We went looking for safer sunscreens for our clients, to guard their skin against harmful UV rays and protect their health. Here’s what we found. TWO TYPES OF SUNSCREEN There are two types of sunscreens chemical and physical (mineral), and they work in different ways. Physical sunscreens contain the minerals zinc and titanium oxide. These […]

Spring Cleaning On The Inside

Spring Cleaning For Health

SPRING IS HERE Are you ready to spring into Spring – or does this time of year mean a head full of allergies and feeling exhausted? YOU DON’T NEED TO SUFFER When dealing with any health challenge, the most important thing to know is that your body is designed to be healthy. If Spring means […]

Why The Beach & Bare Feet

Benefits of the Beach & Bare Feet

  WHY THE BEACH & BARE FEET Our clients ask us why we have the beach and bare feet on our website. One person even asked, do we have a foot fetish? That question made us smile. So we thought we’d better explain ourselves and satisfy everyone’s curiosity. The short answer is we love the […]