Benefits of the Beach & Bare Feet



Our clients ask us why we have the beach and bare feet on our website. One person even asked, do we have a foot fetish? That question made us smile.

So we thought we’d better explain ourselves and satisfy everyone’s curiosity.

The short answer is we love the beach for many reasons. And the ocean and feet images are symbolic too.


Website beach theme of Health written in sand depicts Our Health Services



The ocean theme on our website symbolises natural health and healing and our love for our beach lifestyle.

Perth, Western Australia (where we live), is a coastal city. In summer, the temperatures hover around 40 degrees celsius.

Because of our climate, many West Australians have grown up swimming and playing in the sea, sand, and sun.

As adults (big kids), we still love going to the beach because it’s relaxing, and you feel amazing after a walk on the shore and swimming in the ocean.

And there’s a good reason why going to the beach rejuvenates our health.

Negative ions are unseen electrically charged molecules floating in the atmosphere that offer significant health benefits.

When we breathe in negative ions, they produce biochemical reactions in our body that increase levels of a ‘feel-good’ chemical called serotonin that regulates mood.

Serotonin helps alleviate stress and depression and boosts daytime energy. You feel happier and calmer and more focused and alive.

Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially where there is surf or waterfalls, fast running streams, or up in the mountains and forests.

That’s why we recommend spending time in nature every day.

Nature truly is the best medicine!


Another reason for loving the beach is because ocean water is full of minerals that can help heal skin conditions, fungal and bacterial infections and wounds • alleviate allergies • improve lung conditions • strengthen your immune system • and alleviate stress.

Floating in the ocean relaxes your body and takes the pressure off joints, which helps to ease bone, muscle, and arthritic pain.

And enjoying the seaside sunshine offers you a good dose of vitamin D for your bones and immune system.


Walking Barefooted on the sea shore for health



Our website images of people walking barefoot along the sea shore symbolise the importance of moving your body in ways you enjoy – and connecting with the earth.

We all know fitness is essential to our health, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun keeping your body toned.

Walking in the waves represents moving your body in rejuvenating ways that connect you with nature and negative ions.

Walking barefooted in beach sand (or on grass) grounds your energies, earthing your body. Studies have shown that the benefits of grounding include better sleep, less pain and inflammation, and reduced stress.

I have a lovely childhood memory of mum telling me to walk barefoot on the grass or hug a tree (when I was stressed or upset) to ground my energy and make me feel better. To this day, I still love hugging trees. And I swear it works.


Website theme beach, fitness and health



The ocean’s healing powers continually inspire and rejuvenate us.

We love swimming, floating in the waves, walking and running along the beach, and enjoying our childhood nostalgia for fun in the sun.

When we’re on the beach, we’re just big kids.

We also love the colour turquoise.

Turquoise is calm and friendly, radiating the tranquillity of blue, the growth of green, and the vitality of yellow.

Everything we love about the ocean and turquoise represents everything we want for you too.

All the best,

Lisa Rieniets ND

Vitamin Sea is wonderful for health and healing!