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Qi, Blood, Yin, Yang and winter warming in menstrual health and fertility.

By Rebecca Tanner Naturopath ND, Midwife, Acupuncurist, Natural Fertility SpecialistThe Chinese medicine concepts of Qi blood, yin and yang are really helpful to understanding hormones, menstrual cycles and for identifying the root of fertility issues. Ideally your menstrual cycle should be 28-30 days in length with good mid cycle fertile mucus, very little pain or discomfort or […]

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From The Inside – Out

​By Maria MinielloJin Shin Jyutsu PractitionerEnergy is constantly spiraling through all of the layers in the body. Spiraling in and down from the outside-in, and then spiraling back up and out again from the inside-out.Energy never tires but we can impact that smooth transition with our daily lifestyle choices, which will impact on our core, […]

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Ready, Set, Tired…

​By Kim Scott NDNaturopath, Nutritionist, Western HerbalistAre you exhausted?Here’s how to stop feeling exhausted – the natural way.Exhaustion and lack of energy have three defining characteristics:1. Feelings of excessive fatigue and lack of energy2. Increasing irritability3. Feeling low in motivation, or ‘flat’Energy levels can fluctuate at the best of times – when we are exhausted […]

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