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From The Inside – Out

​By Maria MinielloJin Shin Jyutsu PractitionerEnergy is constantly spiraling through all of the layers in the body. Spiraling in and down from the outside-in, and then spiraling back up and out again from the inside-out.Energy never tires but we can impact that smooth transition with our daily lifestyle choices, which will impact on our core, […]

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Ready, Set, Tired…

​By Kim Scott NDNaturopath, Nutritionist, Western HerbalistAre you exhausted?Here’s how to stop feeling exhausted – the natural way.Exhaustion and lack of energy have three defining characteristics:1. Feelings of excessive fatigue and lack of energy2. Increasing irritability3. Feeling low in motivation, or ‘flat’Energy levels can fluctuate at the best of times – when we are exhausted […]

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