How To Restore & Unblock Energy

Mature woman meditating to relax, unlock energy and nurture health

To heal and maintain your health, you need to restore and unblock energy.


Energy is everything. Your body is a field of energy that exists within an endless field of energy called life (creation).

Your body is the result of billions of cells that create and use energy in a never-ending cycle to maintain your health and sustain your life. 

Every function in your body is the culmination of the production and use of energy. And health is the result of balanced, harmonious, flowing energies.

Your energy cycle is also why nutrition is so important because the one thing your cells cannot do is create the elements they need to produce energy. That’s your job and why you eat. But you need to eat the right kind of food to unlock energy.

Nutrients are chemical compounds in food used by your cells to create energy so your body functions effectively and you maintain health. They include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Poor nutrition occurs when your diet does not contain the right kind and amount of nutrients. Not eating the right foods is a major cause of illness, fatigue and chronic non-communicable diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, scurvy, malnutrition, and insulin resistance.

Healthy nutrition is essential for maintaining every function of your body. 

To live a healthy, energised life, eat highly nutritious food and restore any deficiencies. A good starting place is The Mediterranean Diet and recipes – they are well worth exploring.

Our blogs are also filled with health tips, recipes, and how-to information you can use to create better health for you and your family.


Your emotions – joy, anger, fear, sadness – are literally energies in motion, moving through you, contracting (tightening) and expanding (relaxing) your tissues and flow of energy throughout your body. 

Think about a stressful experience. Your whole body tightens, on alert, ready to protect you and face whatever you perceive as a threat. This reaction is known as your fight-or-flight response.

Now think about floating in water or a soothing massage. Your body loosens, which allows energy to flow unimpeded by any constriction. And you enter a calm, neutral state – your natural state of being.

Your emotions are affecting your body all the time, and why chronic (ongoing, unresolved) stress undermines your health and energy. 

Stress is a response that alters the flow of energy to the whole of your body. Instead of flowing freely throughout your body, energy is redirected to organs needed to face danger – including your brain and nervous system, adrenal glands, heart and lungs and muscles.

Chronic stress occurs when your body doesn’t relax and switch off from threat mode. Your body is constantly tight, constricting (blocking) energy flow. If stress is not resolved, you end up exhausting your adrenal glands, cells and organs. You burn-out.

It’s so important to release trapped (suppressed) emotional energy and learn how to manage stress responses, especially if you’ve suffered trauma in your life that you haven’t healed.

Exercise • yoga • counselling • clinical hypnotherapy • acupuncture • energy medicine • somatic therapy • biofeedback • eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy • tapping • breath work, and bodywork are all beneficial methods for releasing suppressed energy, healing trauma-related stress, and can help you unlock energy.

Laughing woman sitting on the beach to meditate and restore energy balance.


Your mind directs energy. Energy flows where your attention goes. 

What you focus on the most – think, perceive, and believe – you create. 

When you think about sad situations in your life, notice your body begins to feel weak and tired. It’s why grief is so exhausting. But when you think about happy, loving experiences, you are uplifted and your body feels energised.

The power of your mind cannot be underestimated in its ability to influence, conduct, and unlock energy. 

You can learn to use your mind consciously to raise and direct energy. Mindfulness is one such skill. Meditation (deep relaxation) is another. 

Retraining your mind and your focus is essential. And practice, practice, practice until you develop new ways of thinking and being.

Fill your mind with inspiring notions that energise you – including ideas, beliefs, impressions, images, goals, and desires. Read books, listen to inspirational speakers, watch training videos, and attend talks and workshops. Explore and expand your mind.

Learn to observe thoughts that undermine you and refocus on all that inspires, uplifts, nurtures, and nourishes you on every level of your being.

And practice, practice, practice – until you become what you focus on the most.

Breathwork and contemplation to calm and restore energy.


Health is holistic, meaning every part of you needs to be in balance and harmony.

You can eat the healthiest diet in the world, be the fittest person, and still get sick if you ignore the state of your mind and emotions.

The number one requirement for health and well-being is vital force (chi), which means the quality and quantity of energy available to your cells.

Vital force depends on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of well-being, and all are equally important to the wholeness of your health.

Health is the end result of harmony and balance between all that influences a living being – including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental levels of existence. All of these factors need to be addressed in healthcare programs.

From a holistic perspective, it is not the individual parts of a person but the flow and dynamics between them that are pivotal to health outcomes.

To heal means to harmonise and love the whole of you.

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