Tranquil Essential Oil

Essential Oil TRANQUIL

HARMONY & BALANCE Tranquil is a harmonising oil you can use to help calm your nervous system • balance emotions • relax your body • and aid stress, anxiety, depression, inner turmoil, sadness, and grief. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to aid health and healing. The influence of fragrance on our brain […]

Nutrition For Immune System Recovery

Nutrition For Immune System Recovery

NUTRITION IS ESSENTIAL FOR RECOVERY Since covid began, we’ve been helping our clients recover from virus infections. We use nutrition, nutritional supplements, and herbals to strengthen our client’s ability to protect, rebuild, and maintain their immune systems. IMMUNE STRENGTH MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE A strong immune system is essential to keep us safe during this […]

Why The Beach & Bare Feet

Benefits of the Beach & Bare Feet

  WHY THE BEACH & BARE FEET Our clients ask us why we have the beach and bare feet on our website. One person even asked, do we have a foot fetish? That question made us smile. So we thought we’d better explain ourselves and satisfy everyone’s curiosity. The short answer is we love the […]