Nutrition For Immune System Recovery

Nutrition For Immune System Recovery


Since covid began, we’ve been helping our clients recover from virus infections.

We use nutrition, nutritional supplements, and herbals to strengthen our client’s ability to protect, rebuild, and maintain their immune systems.


A strong immune system is essential to keep us safe during this challenging era of pandemic disease.

Although we can take precautions, like avoiding virus infection by isolating ourselves, chances are we are likely to be affected by covid and flu infections.

However, the stronger your immune system is, the faster you will recover.


Your immune system gives you the ability to fight and prevent disease. You are designed to be healthy.

Immunity is the state of protection from infectious disease that has two parts to it.

Firstly, you have an inbuilt (innate) part of your immune system that provides general resistance to disease-causing pathogens.

You also have specific adaptive immunity, which occurs when your body has been exposed to a certain disease and stores memory of how to overcome it.

When you get sick from a virus, your immune system goes into fighting action to protect you.

If you’re run down though, or your immune system gets exhausted and overworked, it cannot function effectively and protect you. This is especially the case for people experiencing long-covid symptoms.

Cells of the immune systemLONG COVID

We are seeing more people who are affected by long-covid. They struggle with various symptoms for months after testing positive for the virus.

Some long-haulers even experienced little to no symptoms when actively infected. Yet they are left struggling with ongoing health issues.

These long-covid symptoms are now being likened to chronic fatigue syndrome, and they include:

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Cough.
  • Fatigue – exhaustion.
  • Concentration and memory issues.
  • Changes in mood – such as anxiety, depression, stress, and feelings of guilt.
  • Loss of smell or taste.
  • Headaches.
  • Sleep disturbance.
  • Heart palpitations, racing heart, and or chest pain.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Muscle aches and joint pain.
  • Worsened symptoms after physical or mental activities.


The one thing your body cannot do is create what it needs to produce energy and repair your body – that’s why we eat, drink fluids, and breathe.

But it’s what we eat and drink that makes the difference.

Nutrition is the process of providing the food (nutrients and elements) necessary for your body to survive and thrive.

Your immune system is affected by your nutritional status.

Healthy nutrition reduces your risk of disease, aids recovery, and nurtures health and well-being.

If you want to be well, you’ve got to eat well!

Healthy nutrition for recovery and rebuilding the immune system


When it comes to healing and recovery, it takes a holistic approach that involves every part of you and how you live your life.

The very reason you eat, drink fluids, and even breathe is to provide the cells of your body with the ‘chemistry’ it needs to maintain balance.

The symptom of balance (homeostasis) is energy and health.

When your chemistry is out of balance – you know because you will experience symptoms of poor health and no energy.

So, the first step in healing is to identify imbalances and deficiencies and learn all you can about restoring balance, which includes understanding the effects of poor nutrition, stress, and even how fitness can affect your well-being.

Be like a detective and investigate how your body functions and what it needs to be healthy!

1. Consult a naturopath or Chinese Medicine practitioner to identify your imbalances and deficiencies.

2. Use nutrient supplements to help restore your energy, calm inflammation, and repair damage.

3. Nutrition is essential to immune system recovery. Learn about healing foods and how to create delicious meals.

• We offer a free Healthy Eating Directory to help you connect with amazing chefs who share delicious, healthy recipes.

• You could also explore The Mediterranean Diet, which is considered to be one of the healthiest ways you can eat.

4. Have an honest look at how you are living your life – including your time management, your priorities, your daily eating habits, how much you exercise, your sleep quality, unresolved stress, and explore ways you can heal and improve your life skills and choices you make.

With the right interventions, you can boost and protect your immune system.

And, if you need support, contact us, because our naturopaths can help you strengthen your ability to recover and protect your health.

All the best!