Why The Beach & Bare Feet

Benefits of the Beach & Bare Feet

  WHY THE BEACH & BARE FEET Our clients ask us why we have the beach and bare feet on our website. One person even asked, do we have a foot fetish? That question made us smile. So we thought we’d better explain ourselves and satisfy everyone’s curiosity. The short answer is we love the […]

Immune Boosting Orange Puree Recipe

Orange slices used in orange puree recipe

WHY EAT ORANGE PUREE? We created a slow-cooked orange puree recipe (using the peels) to help you boost and protect your metabolism and immune system. It’s a prevention is always the best cure type of recipe you can eat daily.  Orange peel nutrients are widely studied for their potential to prevent disease and virus infection, promote […]

Sore Throat & Cough Recipes

Herbal tea for sore throat and cough recipe

  Our sore throat and cough recipes offer you traditional home remedies for soothing and alleviating cold and flu symptoms. You can download a hard copy of our recipes here by clicking on the link.   SORE THROAT OR DRY COUGH RECIPE Cardamom is a wonderful spice if you have a sore throat or a […]

Healthy Gut Reboot

Healthy Gut Nutrition Collage

  A healthy gut is essential for maintaining your health and resilience and aiding recovery. Our healthy gut reboot is designed to help you restore gastrointestinal balance. We’ve also included a digestion smoothie recipe to soothe your gut, boost digestive enzymes, and nourish beneficial gut micro-organisms (microbiota). HEALTHY GUT NUTRITION Think of your gut as […]

Soothe Inflammation Recipe

Lemon water with aloe vera recipe for healing inflammation.

If you experience persistent or recurring pain, there is chronic (ongoing) inflammation happening in your body. Other symptoms of chronic inflammation include poor immune function and frequent infections • constant tiredness, muscle weakness, and lack of energy • gut issues, insulin resistance, excessive mucus • mood and sleep disorders • asthma • skin rashes • […]

Jin Shin Jyutsu – harmonising energy

Jin Shin Jyutsu harmonising energy

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is beneficial for many conditions including pain and inflammation, high blood pressure, immune function, fatigue, stress, anxiety, sleep quality, and promoting metabolic health.  Techniques are also taught so you can continue working with JSJ at home for self-care. WHAT IS JIN SHIN JYUTSU? Jin Shin Jyutsu (pronounced jin shin jitsu) is […]