Complete Healthy Weight Loss Guide

Healthy Weight Loss must also involve restoring Gut Health, Metabolic Health,and Fat Metabolism.

HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS Maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging at different ages and stages of life – especially as we age. My clients often ask me – What will help me burn fat and lose weight? And throughout decades of consulting, I have found there is no single universal answer to losing weight. YES […]

NOURISH Prebiotic Breakfast Drink Powder

Nourish is a prebiotic drink blend designed to boost gut nutrition and promote beneficial gut bacteria.

PREBIOTIC NUTRITION Nourish is a breakfast drink powder we created to encourage multiple prebiotic effects. Prebiotics are foods and nutrients that feed and promote the growth and activity of beneficial microorganisms (microflora) that live in your gut (your microbiome). A healthy gut microbiome means a healthier you. There is not one cell in your body […]

Your Gut Microbiome & Why Prebiotics Are Essential

Image of gut microbiome with trillions of microorganisms that influence human health.

Your gut microbiome impacts every cell and system in your body. Almost every disease is connected to the state of the trillions of microorganisms (microflora, microbiota) that live in your gut. YOUR GUT MICROBIOME & DISEASE As a naturopath, I help my clients learn how to rebuild, maintain, and protect their health. And the ability […]

PURE Monk Fruit Sweetener Benefits – Lisa Rieniets ND

Monk fruit is a nutritive sugar substitute used in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

As a naturopath with 37 years of practice experience, I recommend pure monk fruit because of the interaction between sweeteners and the community of microorganisms that live in your gut (your microbiome). Your gut microbiome significantly influences your health, mental well-being, and immune function. Disruptions to your gut flora (gut microorganisms, gut microbiota) are associated […]

Healthy Eating Directory

Example healthy eating dinner

IS YOUR DIET HEALTHY? Healthy eating is essential for vibrant health. Our Healthy Eating Directory can help you transform your diet in delicious ways. If you enjoy cooking, we introduce you to chefs that make plant-based eating a flavour-filled adventure. We share healthier takeaway food options for home and work. And we’ve also included educational […]

How Food Can Be Your Medicine

Foods that can act like medicine for improving gut microbiome health and preventing disease.

‘I want you to think of your diet as your medicine – Lisa Rieniets ND.’ You eat every day, but do you understand why – or that food can help you prevent and heal disease? Everything you put into your body has an effect. The food you eat can nourish and enhance your health, or […]

Enjoy The Power Of Tea

Enjoy the power of tea featuring herbal tea in a French press with honey and lemon wedges.

TEA POWER Tea lovers will tell you that a cup of tea makes everything better. It’s not surprising that science studies the benefits tea lovers have known for thousands of years throughout cultures worldwide. Drinking tea is now proven to help prevent diseases and maintain immune, cardiovascular, brain, and metabolic health. Researchers have also found […]

Boost Porridge Recipe

Boost Porridge a combination of oat bran, linseeds and walnuts to support gut, heart, brain and immune health.

BOOST YOUR HEALTH WITH PORRIDGE Boost porridge is a nutrient-dense, prebiotic recipe designed to support immune resilience, gut, brain, and heart health, and stabilise your blood sugar levels. We’ve combined linseeds, walnuts, and oat bran to promote healthy gut bacteria and give you a good boost of omega-3 fatty acids too. We created Boost porridge […]

The Healing Power Of Spices

Spices that protect your immune system

Most of us use spice to flavour food and think nothing of it. But spice has also been used by healers and herbalists for centuries to restore and protect health. Studies are now proving that herbs and spices contain the highest levels of healing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds of all foods. Spices are nutrient-boosting must […]

Nutrition For Immune System Recovery

Nutrition For Immune System Recovery

NUTRITION IS ESSENTIAL FOR RECOVERY Since covid began, we’ve been helping our clients recover from virus infections. We use nutrition, nutritional supplements, and herbals to strengthen our client’s ability to protect, rebuild, and maintain their immune systems. IMMUNE STRENGTH MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE A strong immune system is essential to keep us safe during this […]