Protect Essential Oil

Protect essential oil helps guard against airborne pathogens and shield your environment.

Protect essential oil is a blend of germ-busting essential oils, created to help you guard against airborne pathogens and shield your environment. AROMA Imagine a crisp lemon fragrance infused with minty menthol, woodsy eucalyptus, rosemary, and warm spicy tones of cinnamon and cloves. Fresh and powerful. TRADITIONAL USE lemon myrtle  Lemon myrtle is a potent […]

Recovery Recipes – coughs, colds, virus, & flu

Recovery Recipes full of herbs and spice help heal coughs, colds, virus, & flu

Our recovery recipes offer you traditional home remedies for alleviating and shortening the duration of cold, flu, and virus symptoms. You can also download a hard copy of our recipes here by clicking on the link. SOOTHING YOUR SYMPTOMS There’s nothing quite as soothing as a warm cup of herbal tea to help alleviate the symptoms […]

How To Create A Strong Immune System 

How to have a strong immune system - virus infection protection

TREASURE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM I have worked for decades with many people whose immune systems are compromised. And I teach them what their bodies can achieve and how to protect their immune systems naturally. I’m Lisa Rieniets, owner of Rener Health Clinics, and my goal is always to empower people by providing knowledge and skills […]

Nutrition For Immune System Recovery

Nutrition For Immune System Recovery

NUTRITION IS ESSENTIAL FOR RECOVERY Since covid began, we’ve been helping our clients recover from virus infections. We use nutrition, nutritional supplements, and herbals to strengthen our client’s ability to protect, rebuild, and maintain their immune systems. IMMUNE STRENGTH MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE A strong immune system is essential to keep us safe during this […]

Healthy Gut Reboot

Healthy Gut Nutrition Collage

WHY YOU NEED A HEALTHY GUT A healthy gut is essential for maintaining your health and resilience and aiding recovery. Our healthy gut reboot is designed to help you restore gastrointestinal balance. We’ve also included a digestion smoothie recipe to soothe your gut, boost digestive enzymes, and nourish beneficial gut micro-organisms (microbiota). HEALTHY GUT NUTRITION […]

Jin Shin Jyutsu – harmonising energy

Jin Shin Jyutsu harmonising energy

WHAT JIN SHIN JYUTSU HELPS Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is beneficial for many conditions including pain and inflammation, high blood pressure, immune function, fatigue, stress, anxiety, sleep quality, and promoting metabolic health.  Techniques are also taught so you can continue working with JSJ at home for self-care. WHAT IS JIN SHIN JYUTSU? Jin Shin Jyutsu […]

Why I Love Anti-Bac Disinfectant

Anti-Bac Product Image

HOW ANTI-BAC WAS CREATED I often get asked about Anti-Bac disinfectant, so I thought I’d share how versatile it is.  Anti-Bac was created decades ago by Lee Rieniets, the founder of Rener Health. He wanted to help his clients heal chronic leg ulcers and infected wounds.  I became a lifelong fan of Anti-Bac when I […]

Immune Boosting Orange Puree Recipe

Orange slices used in orange puree recipe

WHY EAT ORANGE PUREE? We created a slow-cooked orange puree recipe (using the peels) to help you boost and protect your metabolism and immune system. It’s a prevention is always the best cure type of recipe you can eat daily.  Orange peel nutrients are widely studied for their potential to prevent disease and virus infection, promote […]

Cruciferous Vegetables With 2 Delicious Recipes

Cruciferous vegetables

CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Cruciferous vegetables contain natural substances that help prevent cellular degeneration, fortify your immune system, and even protect you against cancer. The cruciferous family of vegetables includes broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy, rocket, kale, arugula, collards, mustard greens and seeds, horseradish, wasabi, kohlrabi, brussel sprouts, radish, turnip greens, rutabaga, and […]

Why The Beach & Bare Feet

Benefits of the Beach & Bare Feet

  WHY THE BEACH & BARE FEET Our clients ask us why we have the beach and bare feet on our website. One person even asked, do we have a foot fetish? That question made us smile. So we thought we’d better explain ourselves and satisfy everyone’s curiosity. The short answer is we love the […]