How To Create A Strong Immune System 

How to have a strong immune system - virus infection protection


I have worked for decades with many people whose immune systems are compromised. And I teach them what their bodies can achieve and how to protect their immune systems naturally.

I’m Lisa Rieniets, owner of Rener Health Clinics, and my goal is always to empower people by providing knowledge and skills with their health programs. You can be stronger and healthier and protect your well-being when you know how.

I’ve come to an age now where I want to leave behind a legacy that inspires people to want to live a healthy life and treasure their wellbeing.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is protection from all that can undermine your health. It is so important to protect our immune systems from virus infections.


When it comes to protecting your immune system, Winter was always the time of year that we made an effort to protect our health from the challenges the colder months can bring.

Now, with COVID-19 and variant viruses, it’s essential to fortify and maintain your immune system throughout every season, and especially winter.

COVID-19 has evolved and spread rapidly throughout the world, causing sickness, death and ‘long-haulers’ who can’t seem to recover.

The good news is that continually emerging health data means we can now map how COVID-19 affects the human body and better protect our health.

Understanding the mechanisms (how the virus acts) and processes (the effects) and damage COVID-19 causes gives you more opportunities to intervene naturally and strengthen your innate and adaptive defences. Always remember, your body is designed to be healthy!


Naturopathic medicine is based on recognising that your body is a balanced ecosystem, much like a garden but more complex. Like a garden, you are innately a self-protecting, self-recovering, self-regulating and self-restoring organism, if given the right requirements.

In a healthy garden, all the individual parts – the soil quality, nutrients, water, sunlight, seeds, animals (birds, bees, insects, worms), and microorganisms – work together harmoniously to produce trees, flowers, grass, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Not one part of a garden works separately from the whole.

It’s the same with your own body (garden). All your immune system organs – your gut, lymph nodes, white blood cells, bone marrow, liver, lungs, sinus, hormones, and brain – work together to provide a well-functioning immune response. Not one part of you exists in isolation from the rest. They all depend on each other.

When it comes to gardening, gardeners know that tomato seeds will not grow in beach sand, no matter how many seeds you scatter. That’s because seeds alone are only one part of the story.

There are fundamental natural laws that govern gardening. Producing a healthy harvest requires fertile soil containing the right amount of nutrients, micro-organisms, seeds, water, and sunshine. These elements must also be in proper proportion and balance. If you use too much water, your plants will drown. If you don’t provide enough water, your plants will wither and die. It’s precisely the same for your body and its ability to thrive and protect itself. What you put into your body, what you expose your body to, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices, hugely influences your health outcomes.

Your body has a coordinated defence system called your immune system, which is made up of an interconnecting network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect you against invaders. All parts of your defence system are essential to the whole. And they depend on what you provide.

To take charge of your health, you need to change your perception of your body. Your body is like a garden, an intricately balanced ecosystem. And you are the gardener.


If you’d like to learn more about protecting your immune system, my Virus Infection Protection Guide is free to download. Click on the link.

You’re welcome to share it with your family and friends too.

The healthier we all are, the stronger we can be together.

Wishing you the best of health,

Lisa Rieniets. ND