Why I Love Anti-Bac Disinfectant

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I often get asked about Anti-Bac disinfectant, so I thought I’d share how versatile it is. 

Anti-Bac was created decades ago by Lee Rieniets, the founder of Rener Health. He wanted to help his clients heal chronic leg ulcers and infected wounds. 

I became a lifelong fan of Anti-Bac when I realised how handy and versatile it was when I was travelling. I also like knowing that it is pure and free of synthetic chemicals. 


Anti-Bac Disinfectant is a non-toxic, environment-friendly, universal, antiviral disinfectant spray that can be safely used as a broad-spectrum antiseptic.

The two main ingredients are hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as the oxidising agent and colloidal silver (Ag+). They are combined to create a stable, universally applicable disinfectant that can be used to destroy bacteria, amoeba, fungi, mould, and viruses without harmful side effects.

In true synergy, the effect of the combined ingredients in Anti-Bac is greater than the effect of each substance individually. The highly oxidising hydrogen peroxide enhances the effects of the colloidal silver, allowing the silver to penetrate unhindered and neutralise harmful micro-organisms.

The presence of silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single-celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme. They suffocate and die without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or biochemistry, and are cleared out of your body by your immune, lymphatic and elimination systems.


I’ve been using Anti-Bac for years now. It goes wherever I go and is a part of my everyday life. 

Before I use my toothbrush, I rinse it and give the bristles a couple of sprays of Anti-Bac. 

If I need to disinfect my phone or keyboard, I spray Anti-Bac onto a cloth and then wipe over my appliances. If you share office equipment, it offers protection for everyone. 

If I feel like an earache or sore throat, funky eye, or blocked sinus is going to visit me, I give one light spray of Anti-Bac in each ear. I open my mouth and spray my throat. I give a light spray to my eyes while blinking, and a spray up my nose as I breathe in.

Anti-Bac works for me. I’ve also used it on cuts and sores and for preventing thrush. 

I’ve even used Anti-Bac on my dog’s fungal ear infections – one light spray into his ear, twice a day. It was always so gentle and effective.


Anti-Bac is like having your own handy germ guard on hand, especially if people are coughing around you. 

I spray it on family and friends suffering from colds or flu. I visit them with honey, lemons, ginger, and Anti-Bac. 

If you’re travelling on a plane, spray Anti-Bac around your face, head, and the back of your neck several times during a flight. 

I always say to anyone travelling, take Anti-Bac with you and a couple of really good supplements for your immune system. Talk to your naturopath before you travel. Because there’s nothing worse than getting sick while you’re far away from home.

I do the same when I’m in enclosed public spaces, especially when colds and flu are rife in the winter months. 

If there are viruses going around, I spray Anti-Bac over myself before leaving home. I also give a light spray of it inside my face mask. I use cloth masks. 


Hold the spray bottle about a hand’s length away, and one light spray or two is all you need. 

I hope these tips help. And if you would like to know more about Anti-Bac, you can always call us for more information.

All the best,

Tracey Rieniets 

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