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Lemon water with aloe vera recipe for healing inflammation.

Soothe Inflammation Recipe

If you experience persistent or recurring pain, there is chronic (ongoing) inflammation happening in your body. Other symptoms of chronic inflammation include poor immune function

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What matters is that we are stronger when we support each other.
Lisa Rieniets ND

What Matters

WHAT MATTERS We live in challenging times, and that is the perfect time to dig deep and define for ourselves what matters. There is a

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Exercise is an act of self love.
Lisa Rieniets ND

What Self-Love Truly Means

We are told that self-love (self-care) is essential for physical, mental, and emotional health.  But what does loving yourself look like if you’ve spent your

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Essential oil PEACE
Essential Oils

Peace Essential Oil

Peace essential oil is a blend of calming essential oils we created to help you relax and release physical, mental, and emotional tension.  AROMA Imagine

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Essential Oil TRANQUIL
Essential Oils

Tranquil Essential Oil

HARMONY & BALANCE Tranquil is a harmonising oil you can use to help calm your nervous system • balance emotions • relax your body •

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Protect essential oil helps guard against airborne pathogens and shield your environment.
Essential Oils

Protect Essential Oil

Protect essential oil is a blend of germ-busting essential oils, created to help you guard against airborne pathogens and shield your environment. AROMA Imagine a

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